When you become my client, you are part of an exclusive club. I want to give you the best possible edge so I only work with a few clients at a time. It is all about the quality and level of service that I can provide. It's been my experience in the 24+ years I've been in real estate, that there have always been more people wanting to live here in the North Bay than are leaving here.

I don't just cover a town, I cover the county and beyond. I go where my clients want to buy and stay focused on the end game no matter how long it takes. For sellers, I am constantly taking the temperature of the market, making sure that you have the info to make good decisions. When people first call me, they come away with excitement and wonder because my enthusiasm and passion for real estate is infectious.

Whether buying or selling, I provide customized service to every client so the outcome of my efforts to locate, purchase and/or sell a property will always exceed client expectations. This is, and always will be, the cornerstone of my client referral based business. I was born out of the box so I naturally think out of the box. We all can see the obvious but it takes a special talent to see what is concealed.

If a hurdle looks too high, I say let's get a taller ladder.

On my mission, I believe we should live by The Golden Rule. Whether in a professional sense through the service I provide, or through the charitable organizations which I support, I believe you give before you receive. I am here for those who appreciate a one-on-one approach, providing time, loyalty and dedication.
I have a moral compass and it is intact.